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In the production field for over twenty three years, we invented and created products that meet the requirements of your business, in terms of costs, yields and efficiencies.

We are designers and manufacturers of many products protected by patents :

We sell technical products as :

Designed and made in FRANCE

We take pride in design and manufacture all our products in France. This allows us to be very reactive, monitor our production and quality control. Our PVC molds and dies are made in France. Preserve our jobs ! [gallery]...

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Citations and awards

Our manufacturing has received numerous awards for their technological innovations and the gains they make to producers :   - SIVA...]

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Preserve our planet

  Nos Thermo-Gouttières® sont fabriquées avec des chutes provenant directement des fabricants de menuiseries PVC. This PVC is recycled virgin UV stabilized and can be remelted again 5 time.   Avec nos Thermo-Gouttières® athermiques, nombreu of you realize ....

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Testimony of Mr. Louis NAY, strawberry grower aboveground - 13 200 ARLES   Je suis producteur hors sol depuis 2001. I grow strawberries in greenhouses under tunnels and chapels 8 meters. I chose the material EBBJ when I made an extension 2009, My word choice was ....

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